Online Research Guide

Course: English 101 - Reading and Composition
Semester: Fall 2001
Library Contact: Philip Roché

The LTCC Library provides many excellent resources to you for conducting research. Listed below are some of the important sources that will help you with your assignments for this class.

Locating Books, Videotapes, and More
  • To locate books, videotapes, and other materials that the LTCC Library owns, search our Online Public Access Catalog.
  • If you can't find what you're looking for at the LTCC Library, try searching the Mountain Valley Library System Regional Catalog for books and other materials available in other area libraries, such as the El Dorado County Library South Lake Tahoe Branch.
  • You might also try a search of the nearby Sierra Nevada College Maclean Library or the University of Nevada, Reno Libraries.
  • Finding Magazine and Newspaper Articles Discovering Useful Websites
    The Internet contains many information resources that are useful for doing research. Here are some good places to begin searching: Warning: Remember to be careful when choosing Internet resources for your research as some websites contain unreliable information. To help you determine if the information you found on the Internet is good information, consult a web site evaluation tool. Listed below are several excellent ones: Citing Your Source Using MLA Style
    Here are some places to consult for help with citing your resources in Modern Language Association (MLA) style: Miscellaneous Information
  • If you have questions about the resources listed on this webpage, please don't hesitate to visit the Library (we're located on the second floor of the Main Campus, Room A201) or call 530-541-4660 ext. 262 for assistance.
  • For LTCC Library general information, please see our Library Information webpage.

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    English 101 - Reading and Composition
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